Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paper Pieced Oz

I did a two page spread yesterday of my dd's dance recital. The main story was Wizard of Oz. A while back I was browsing the messageboards at and came across directions for the characters of Wizard of Oz. I printed them to save for when I eventually got to these pages. Well, I finally got to them. I only made three of the characters because I couldn't fit the others on the pages. The directions were very easy to follow once you found which key to use. The Paper Dolls cartidge has SO MUCH on it. I didn't have red glitter that I liked so I used SU dazzling diamond on Dorothy's shoes. I free handed Toto and since I didn't have a silver pen to define him I used my while gel pen and then lightly went over it with grey chalk. I think they all turned out so cute. Here is the link to the directions:

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