Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Storage

In March, I had my scrapbook retreat that myself and two other ladies organize and hold twice a year. I always take my Cricut. I was up to 22 cartridges then and decided to figure out a way to take them all in an organized compact way. My previous storage solution consisted of metal tin to hold the cartridges (just loose in it) and a Creative Memories storage case for the handbooks (again not organized in it). You had to search for the cartridge and search for the book. I know there are a few products available to store and tote them but I didn't want to buy anything and it was just a few days before the retreat. Here is what I came up with:

The top picture is the tote closed. I was using this storage tote for something else (don't remember what) but it was the perfect size for the cartridges. The second photo shows the cartridges in it. I had some very small tabbed dividers that I used for each cartridge. I have them in alphabetical order. The third photo show an individual cartridge, book and overlay. The overlay is set just inside the book. I used the small jewelry bags you get at craft stores to put the cartridges in. I punched a hole in a corner of the bag so I could tie it to the handbook with ribbon. Some of the cartridges are flipped up on top of the books because they would not fit otherwise.

I have CDS so I didn't really need the books and overlays BUT there are usually about 10 cricuts at the retreat and not all of them have CDS. I like to share and some would need the overlays and books.

Now, I just ordered the Expression and it comes with two cartridges and I ordered another cartridge so I just hope I can fit them in the tote. I got a great deal at Oh My Crafts by the way. If you haven't checked them out, you should!

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