Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you, Veterans!

Each year, one of the ladies ministries at my church hosts a veteran's lunch following service on the Sunday before Veteran's Day. It is for all veterans and their families in our church. Last year I offered to make cards for the attendees. The lady that organizes it asked if I could make cards again this year and of course I said yes. It was a great pleasure to do this. I used a neat little trick I learned to make these cards.

The image is a digital image from Sew Many Cards. I colored it in Photoshop and was able to print 9 images on a page. I also printed the message inside before I cut the base cardstock. It says:

'This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.' ~ Elmer Davis

Your service to your country will be valued forever as we remember your courage and sacrifice on Veteran's Day.

Now for the cutting! I was so excited to find this little gem of a trick. In case you don't know, Provocraft has come out with a new cricut machine called Imagine. It will print in color and cut. So you can print your image and have it cut out at the same time. It will also cut a chunk out of your wallet too at $500! Well, I have this great software called Make the Cut. Someone on the message boards figured out how to print and cut using your printer, Cricut and Make the Cut. Woo hoo! Here is the link to the tutorial I used. Because I printed multiple pages, each image was not cut out in exactly the same spot but it was close enough.

Here's a quick step-by-step of what I did:

1. set up print page in Photoshop, printed and saved

2. opened in Make the Cut and created an outline.

3. line the paper on the mat on the right edge to create a hinge and cut

4. line the printed page under the cut outs, flip the cut out out of the way and cut.

Voila, I had 45 cut images that I did not have to color and cut one at a time!

Thanks for stopping by today. I am dedicating this post to all veterans and their families! Thank you!

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