Friday, January 21, 2011

Feature Friday -

Hello and welcome to Feature Friday! Today I have a wonderful site to share with you that I, myself, just recently discovered. It is

This site is amazing! If you own a Cricut, whether it is the baby bug, Expression, Cake or Imagine, you will want to visit and bookmark this website. This family created website has every image on every Cricut cartridge catalogued into a searchable database. Now, I know you can do a keyword search in Design Studio and on the Gypsy but, it's not very good. I have searched for something on Design Studio and know I have a cartridge with the image and none of my cartridges show up in the list given. is wonderful! Instead of a list of cartridges that have the searched image, you will see the exact page in the cartridge's handbook and you are given the page number and keypad number.

I have 32 cartridges and it impossible to remember everything that is on every cartridge I own. I have had instances where an image came up on a cartridge I have but didn't remember it. Trust me, don't spend all your time looking through your cartridges for something. Simply go to and find it in minutes and get the most out of your Cricut cartridges and your time. You may even find some hidden gems on your cartridges!



KellyS said...

Thanks Michele! I don't have very many carts but for the ones I do have, this will come in handy! Love the LO in the previous post. Nice job with the sketch!

Shawn Mosch said...

Thank you for sharing our site with your readers!

The Mom from the family behind