Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinterest - an addiction!

A friend recently lured me to Pinterest. I say lured because I had heard about it but resisted the temptation to join yet another site that would feed my crafty senses and still time that could be used to satisfy those senses. She told me about all the wonderful ideas that could be found on Pinterest and, well, my senses were perked up and interested. So, I caved. (sigh) Yep, it's an addiction. I have viewed and re-pinned lots of projects, ideas, yummy recipes and just plain funny and adorable posts. One board I have created is titled "OMG! Stuff I would like to make but probably never will." Well, I proved myself wrong and actually did make something. I saw this adorable ruffled tree skirt and re-pinned it. We decided to do all new decorations for our tree this year and of course the tree skirt we had didn't match the new color scheme. We went with a purple, white, red, bright blue and bright green scheme. it actually looks really good!

Anyway, I gathered the supplies and set out to make the new tree skirt Sunday afternoon. It is a no-sew ruffled skirt. Yep, NO-SEW! All you need is fabric and a hot glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks. The original directions can be found here and my inspiration can be found here.

After many burns (didn't realize I wasn't using my low-temp gun) and about seven hours later, I finished it. Seriously, I think I may not have fingerprints on a couple of my fingers now.

Here is the final result:

(yes, it looks kinda square shaped)

Here is it under our tree! The fabrics are purple and white and they both have sparkle in them but you can't tell in the photo.

Tips if you want to make one:

1) I did 2" strips but if I made another one, I would probably do 3" wide strips. The smaller the width, the more ruffly.

2) have LOTS of glue sticks on hand, I think I used 50-60.

3) The best way I found to ruffle the fabric was to put a line of glue on the base about 4-5" long , lay the fabric strip on it and then pull the fabric strip back a little to make the gather.

4) It would be helpful to mark the circle patch for each row so you don't end up with a square looking skirt like I did.

So, I have created my first Pinterest inspired project. I love how it turned out and thus, that further cements my addiction!

You can check out Pinterest here and if you want to join, let me know and I'll send you an invite. It is much faster if a member invites you.

Merry Christmas!